WOW! This Is What Shahrukh Khan’s Kids Aryan, Suhana & AbRam Gifted Him On His 50th Birthday

Shahrukh Khan celebrated his 50th birthday recently. On his special day , the actor was asked what gifts he got, from his adorable children, Aryan Khan, Suhana Khan and AbRam Khan. To which the actor replied, “My kids say what do we give someone who has it all. They give me lots of hugs and kisses as gifts. I will try to do 3 films a year and spend more time with my kids from now on.”
The actor also revealed about the two biggest changes in his life, ”The biggest two changes in my life have been when I lost my parents and when I got my kids.” On his 50th birthday, Shahrukh Khan also talked about some serious issues in an interview to a channel, ”Social network is a different platform, you can take any sort of stand there, doing that in real life for an actor is very difficult. I’m not saying that we are extra vulnerable, but we are artists and we are just supposed to do our art and that’s all. We are in a country where there are lot of things that can’t be said.” Shahrukh Khan further added, ”If I talk something about FTII, I’ll have 17 people gunning for me. I would stay out of these issues, because the issues are really blown out of proportion. I would love to help FTII, I think what is happening is completely wrong and is extremely disturbing.” Talking about different religions followed by him and wife Gauri, he said, “We respect each others religion. I have never told her to follow my religion, neither has she told me. ”Whenever there are parts in our house, where we are following one or the other, the other just goes and joins. There has never been a discussion on religion between me and Gauri or my children,” he added.