WOW! Shahid Kapoor Reveals Why He Married Mira Rajput And Not Any Bollywood Actress


Shahid Kapoor surprised everyone when he announced that he is marrying Mira Rajput, who is a simple girl from Delhi without any Bollywood connections. Now, Shahid has revealed why he chose Mira as a life partner and not any B Town actress. In an interview to Desi Martini, Shahid Kapoor said about marrying a non celebrity, ” (People were like) Kya? Kaun? Yeh kaun hai? (What? Who? Who is this person?). And it was not just about being a non-celebrity; Mira was not part of my social circuit either. But I don’t close myself to anything new.”

Shahid Kapoor further added, ”Sometime back, I used to tell myself, ‘I have been in relationships with celebrities, but maybe, it might be interesting to be with someone who isn’t a celebrity.’ ” ”And one year later, I got married to someone who is a normal girl. I love the fact that I go back home to a normal person, who talks about normal things; and who sometimes tells me, ‘I’m not interested in what’s happening in your industry. Let’s discuss what we are doing for lunch tomorrow or where are we going.” Sasha said. Shahid also praised his wife Mira Rajput, “Mira and I communicate very well. That’s one of the strongest qualities about us. They always say, ‘Be with someone who helps you become a better person.’ She makes me want to be a better person. And that shows that she is a really good person.”