Would Akshay Kumar films do 200 crore with festive release?


Q. Don’t you think that Khan movies grossed 200 above only due to festive weekends. Whenever they release in non-holiday it managed to do around 100 crores only. Akshay, however, didn’t get any festive period still his films grosses 100 crores. If Akshay got Christmas – Eid – Diwali weekend, don’t you think it can do 200 crore?

A. You cannot take credit away from the Khans. Eid as a festive weekend was non-existent before Salman Khan came, dominated and made it his own. Christmas was considered to be a non-favourable period because of extreme cold in North India before Aamir Khan started releasing his films and made it the biggest period for Hindi films.

As for Akshay Kumar, he has got several favourable release periods, including the four biggest and third most successful period i.e Post IPL:

  • Holiday – Post IPL
  • Baby – Republic Day weekend
  • Brothers – Independence Day (big day for film business)
  • Singh Is Bling – Gandhi Jayanti (Haider and Bang Bang collected more than 200 crore combined)
  • Airlift – Republic Day weekend
  • Housefull 3 – Post IPL

It’s not like Akshay is releasing his films during normal weekends. He’s picking the best out of what’s available and he’s getting solo releases – something which Hrithik didn’t get for Bang Bang and won’t get for Mohenjo Daro.

Also, even if you release Brothers on Christmas, it won’t work, like we’ve seen with Tees Maar Khan which released during Christmas 2010.

Not being negative or critical of Akshay here, but there is potential for big films like Brothers / OUATIMD / Housefull 3 to get to 150 crore and beyond during non-festive periods. Like we’ve seen with films like Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, Tanu Weds Manu Returns and others.

Source: indicine.com