Will Kapil Sharma Quit Comedy Nights?


Kapil Sharma has become a household name following the popularity of his show Comedy Nights With Kapil. Now that he is ready for his upcoming movie Kis Kisko Pyar Karun, there is general disagreement among his fans regarding his future plans with regards to the show. In his interview with Bollywoodlife.com, Kapil revealed why the show is an important part of his career and the reason why he can’t quit hosting it despite tight schedules and health scares.

When asked if he would quit Comedy Nights with Kapil, he stated, “Will never do that. This is the show that actually brought me where I am. How can I discontinue it? I do not think of Comedy Nights With Kapil as work. I think of it as pleasure. I enjoy it so much.”

When Kapil was away due to health issues, Arshad Warsi and Sajid Khan were roped in to host one episode each. According to sources Kapil stated that , “I had no choice but to take bed rest due to my acute back ache, therefore Sajid and Arshad had to keep the show going. I had no choice.”

This proves there is no way Kapil Sharma is quitting!

Source: masala.com