Why Shah Rukh Khan might not like Aamir Khan’s birthday gift!

Aamir Khan made a terrible spoof of Shah Rukh Khan’s iconic DDLJ dialogue which might not go down too well with the actor’s fans…


Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan have always admitted to maintaining a strictly cordial relationship. But numerous times, Aamir has been heard and spotted taking jibes at his other contemporary Khan. From talking ill about him to accusing him indirectly of fudging box office figures, Aamir has possibly tried all means to put SRK down. And this time, he’s gone a step further.

What has he done? Aamir who’s the brand ambassador of Snapdeal recently unveiled the latest promotional campaign and the advertisement where he can be seen targeting SRK. Yes, Aamir is seen talking to a girl and spoofing King Khan’s iconic ‘Palat, Palat’ dialogue from Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge.

Khade rahe hum, woh palti nahi, Aisa kya hai unke phone mein ki Shah Rukh ki yeh line unpe chalti nahi?” Aamir was heard mouthing these lines in the ad which also clearly mentions that there will be a new Dil ki deal, this time called Snapdeal Ultimate Monday on November 2. And hope you get the hint! November 2 is also our Baadshah’s 50th birthday this year.

In a way, this can then be called Aamir’s birthday gift to SRK. Although the spoof will not amuse his fans, knowing SRK, we’re sure he will be taking it like a sport and just laugh it off. But there’s just one thing we want to tell Aamir. You are expected to do something really better than just this!

Source: dnaindia.com