Sunny Deol’s sweet tooth no more!

Actor loses weight after cutting sugar intake


It doesn’t take health spas or liposuction to cut down on flab. Sunny Deol has just proved that. The actor has lost almost 10 kgs in over three months after cutting down on his sweets intake. At a recent do, everyone noted the actor’s dramatic weight loss.

Ask him the secret of his weight loss and Sunny laughs. “Looking at the weighing scale depresses me, so I never weigh myself. But yes, I have lost a lot of weight in recent times. Right now, I am off sweets and don’t eat junk food. I eat fruits more for my carb intake. I tried to follow diets and dieticians a couple of times, but now I follow my own diet. Calculating carbs, fats and proteins in our diets is a regular feature now.”

He further adds, “When I started working out, all this wasn’t there. I’ve been fit since childhood. I love adventure activities and  badminton, which I play a lot. I work out — two-and-a-half hours every day at my gym at home. I don’t have a trainer, but have put together my workouts, consisting of cardio and weight-training.”

Unlike most Punjabis who love meat, Sunny only eats chicken. “I don’t eat mutton or fish, but I do have the usual lassis and makkhan in my food,” he smiles. Would he ever visit a health farm or go under the knife to lose weight? “I don’t know much about these treatments, but when my back is better, I may visit a health spa to sort out my back issues. I believe in losing weight the natural way.”

What fitness principles does he follow? “I am an early riser, I don’t drink or smoke,” he concludes.