Sonu Sood to play parallel lead in a Jackie Chan film

Ever since Sonu Sood completed Happy New Year, he has not signed a film. Every time we asked Sonu what he was working on, he would only say, ‘Something big. Will tell you once it happens.’ 


Well while we are still awaiting Sonu’s call, we came to know from sources in Dubai that he is currently shooting for Jackie Chan’s next big Hollywood film Kung Fu Yoga being directed by Stanley Tong. This out-and-out action film has our own Sonu, not just playing a role, but he plays parallel lead and will be shooting with Chan from start to finish. The film is being shot in Dubai currently and will then move to Beijing and also India. We also learnt that this is slated to be one of Jackie Chan’s most expensive action films. Well Sonu, while you have chosen not to respond to us, this is certainly big news. While Priyanka Chopra is well on her way to conquering the hearts of the people of the United States of America with Quantico, Sonu Sood seems headed to conquer the Chinese hearts. India for now seems well balanced between the US and China at least so far as entertainment goes.

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