Shocking! Aamir Khan Collapses On The Sets Of Dangal


Aamir Khan’s upcoming film on wrestling, titled Dangal, has taken a serious toll on the actor’s health, as it is now reported that Aamir Khan, collapsed on the sets while shooting for the movie. As per reports, the film’s shooting in the Punjab province, has come to an abrupt halt when Aamir Khan collapsed on the sets at the Guru Nanak Stadium. Aamir Khan’s training as a wrestler in Dangal was extremely intense, and Aamir did not use a body double for any scenes, because wrestling scenes have close up looks of the actor fighting with his opponent. Insiders reveal that Aamir Khan, was in serious pain after collapsing. Even after half an hour of rest and placing ice packs on his body, the pain did not recede. Aamir, was then rushed to a hospital, and is diagnosed with serious shoulder injury. It was recently reported, that Aamir Khan, was suffering from respiratory problems due to sudden weight gain and loss. The actor was bloated with muscles as a wrestler, and had to shed weight in a jiffy, as the scenes of the movie demanded for it. However, Aamir Khan took to Twitter and posted saying, it’s not a major injury and need a week’s rest. The actor tweeted as- “Hey guys, it’s not such a major injury. My back muscle has gone into a spasm. A week of rest and I will be back on shoot,” Just like Aamir Khan in Dangal, Salman Khan too, is shooting for his upcoming flick on wrestling titled, Sultan. Salman Khan, in multiple interviews, has informed the media, that he’s been suffering from severe body aches due to his extreme work-outs, martial arts and fight scenes. We wish the Dangal actor, Aamir Khan a speedy recovery.