Salman Khan’s trainer to help Aamir Khan lose weight for Dangal in America!


We revealed to you recently that Aamir Khan is all set to travel to America to lose the extra kilos he had put on for Dangal. The first schedule for the film was already completed in Ludhiana, when Aamir injured his shoulder. After recovering now, Aamir needs to lose weight to play the younger version of his character in the film.

However Aamir, who was all set to fly to US with his trainer Rahul Bhatt, will now have to go sans Rahul. Why? Sources reveal that Rahul has not been granted a visa to the States. A close source suggests, “Rahul gained notoriety for his proximity to David Headley, an accused in the 2008 Mumbai attacks. That probably could be the reason for him being denied a visa. However, since Salman Khan has lent his trainer Rakesh to Aamir, the actor might take Rakesh along with him.”

After the bulky look of a 45-year-old wrestler, Aamir will now needs to train hard to get into the shape of a young wrestler for the film. Since there will be constant media attention on him, the makers decided to fly Aamir to US. We hear, it was Aamir who suggested that Mahesh Bhatt’s son Rahul should train him for both his looks, he was in Ludhiana for a month with Aamir too. But with Visa problems, it seems Salman has come to his rescue. Salman’s trainer, Rakesh will mostly travel with Aamir to America and help him get in shape.