Salman Khan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Irrfan Khan: Who will make the best desi James Bond?


Anthony Horowitz, author of the nextJames Bond novel , called Idris Elba too ‘street’ to play James Bond. The Internet is in a tizzy over his statement, with some even claiming that he meant James Bond can’t be black.

But what if James Bond were to be played by an Indian actor? What if James Bond producer Albert Broccoli’s daughter Barbara Broccoli and stepson Michael G. Wilson came to Mumbai and said they wanted to cast an Indian? Who would the top contenders possibly be?

Here’s a quirky take.

Salman Khan

His style and dialogue delivery will make any woman go weak in the knees. Just ask Katrina or Jacqueline. Salman Khan loves action and showing off his ripped muscles as well. Remember when he went shirtless in, well, all his films?

Irrfan Khan

The current darling of Hollywood Irrfan Khan could make a good 007 too. He is 50 plus (the perfect age) and loves to ’r’roar (he added an extra r to his name because he liked how it sounds). Now that he’s acted with Tom Hanks in Inferno, he is a certified Hollywood actor. Wait. Is he still Indian?

Nawazuddin Siddiqui

This talented actor somehow seems to have quite a few Hindi films with English titles.This is wonderful because he obviously then excels in the English language. Siddiqui definitely has swag, right?

Anil Kapoor

Mr.India can surely be a Mr.James Bond too. Now that Kapoor has done 24, he’s a jhakaaaas Hollywood character artiste. The only thing that might be a hindrance to his James Bond role is that accent.

Bobby Deol

Bobby Deol, who was popular in the 90s, has one big IT factor ladies. Being Dharam Garam’s son. Well, that’s it.