Salman Khan insults Sonu Nigam?


Well, the Dabangg hero is having quite a few fallouts off late…

Recently it came to light that Salman Khan and his best buddy from the industry Aamir Khan had a major spat at a party. And looks like Salman and his Hangover singer, Sonu Nigam too had a tiff at a recently concluded event. Sonu was the host of Suron Ke Rang, a concert celebrating three decades of T-Series and their founder Gulshan Kumar. We hear that Salman was one of the top stars attending the event and the actor was also supposed to unveil T-Series new look at the event. Salman reached in time to enjoy the musical extravaganza and attended an almost half hour medley by various performers. Those present at the event revealed that the Prem Ratan Dhan Payo actor enjoyed the whole act and was humming the lines of popular numbers from the 90′s.

However, all wasn’t hunky dory at this event. When Salman was welcomed on the stage by the show’s host the actor gave him an earful. Onlookers and Sonu were both surprised to see that the actor went on to allege that he does not need a playback singer to croon for him in the movies. A source said, “Sonu looked visibly upset about Salman’s comments. Khan was adamant to prove that singers have a very easy job to do. He even went on to say that he has a decent voice that can be bettered with technology and made to sound good, then why would he need a Sonu Nigam or anyone else to croon for him. And obviously Sonu did not take this very well. In fact there was a fun segment that was to be shot between Salman and Sonu, which was then scrapped.”

Another source told BollywoodLife that Salman and Sonu had one such discussion in private too, unlike the recent one. While recording the Kick songs, Salman and Sonu debated about how he can sing his own songs and singers don’t need to be given too much weightage for just doing playback for actors. Sonu of course felt that singing was a talent that needs a certain kind of commitment. Salman then suggested how he sounded as good as Sonu in his Hangover version. The Bajrangi Bhaijaan hero went on to challenge Sonu that he would sing one of Nigam’s toughest songs and prove his point. The source said, “That is why you had Salman humming Hrithik Roshan’s Agneepath song Abhi Mujhme number on Bigg Boss last season.”

Well, looks like the fact that this debate between the actor and the singer actually took place before a huge audience and team celebrating music did not go down very well with the later. Does this mean that Salman will now do his own songs?