Rustom vs Mohenjo Daro Screen Count Expectation


Q. How many screens will be given Rustom, if it clashes with Mohenjo Daro? And what will be the lifetime collection of Housefull 3? – Sachin

A. It’s still too early to talk about both films, without watching the trailer. The impact of a trailer can make a huge difference, so all eyes will be on the theatrical trailer of Mohenjo Daro. If it manages to create the kind of impact that the trailer (not teaser) of Bajirao Mastani did, then it’ll have a major advantage.

Rustom is targeted mainly at the multiplex audience, while Mohenjo Daro will have wider pan-India appeal. The Hrithik Roshan film is certain to get 3000 plus screens, Rustom would probably settle for around 1600-1800. Single-screen release of Rustom will be very limited, it’s more due to the genre than the star.

Housefull 3 should finish somewhere around the total of the previous Housefull film (116 crore). There could be a difference of around 5 – 10% depending on whether Udta Punjab releases this week or not.