Rishi Kapoor’s hilarious tweet on ‘intolerance’


With the debate over the so-called intolerance gaining momentum, here’s what Rishi Kapoor, who is known to one of the more entertaining Twitter celebs, had to say.

“Yaaron! Please samjhao what is this tolerance and intolerance! Right now I cannot tolerate anybody talking about it”

The actor also took a stand against those returning awards, saying even though he hasn’t received any award from the government, he is against the ‘return of honour’.

“All channels requesting me to comment on the award waspsi. I said I have never received an award from the govt. so what will I give back? Lol”

“In the last 43 years of my working in Hindi Cinema, no govt… has ever recognised my work barring a National Award for Mera Naam Joker. Which was totally Raj Kapoor’s. So I cannot give back anything. Sorry. Not that I would have, coz I am against this return of honour. Chill!!!”

Source: indicine.com