OMG! Hrithik Roshan’s Fees In Mohenjo Daro Will Make Your Jaws Drop


Rumours are doing the rounds that Hrithik Roshan has taken 50 Crores for the upcoming film Mohenjo Daro.

The movie revolves around pre-historic era, where humans were just starting off to live a civilised life. Mohenjo Daro, has a budget of 100 Crores, and is rumoured that Hrithik has taken 50 Crores into his kitty. The movie is now left with 50 Crores as the budget to be completed. Mohenjo Daro, has special visual effects to showcase how life was in the pre-historic era. Hrithik would also be seen fighting a 20 ft long crocodile and the movie sets are huge. Recently, Kangana Ranaut had charged 11 crore for Katti Batti claiming she takes her profession very seriously and goes in-depth while portraying her roles, which was of course not given. Its obvious that producers have to shell out huge sums of money to keep big superstars in their movies. The actor justifies the fees by stating that they get into the character of the role and hence demand a huge amount. Whatever the amount Hrithik Roshan has taken home for Mohenjo Daro, we only hope the pre-historic era graphics would look as real as possible and not become another disappointing Bollywood cinema with cheaply made graphics.