Not To Miss! Shahrukh Khan Talks About Son Aryan Khan’s Affairs & Suhana Khan’s Acting!


Shahrukh Khan is not just a Superstar, but a lovely dad too! He is caring, he is friendly and we just love the father’s face under the mask of a Superstar! Recently, his son Aryan Khan’s pictures from graduation party with a mystery girl, went viral on social media and we were all wondering whether she is the lucky girl, Aryan is dating!

In a recent interview with HT, Shahrukh Khan speaks up on Aryan, his equation with him and Suhana Khan’s future. “My kids have been very friendly. The conversations I have with them, I would have with my friends, if I had any. So, we sit down and chat, we make fun, we laugh, and we even grieve together. I think parental conversations, Gauri has with them.”

“I don’t ask them about their relationships. They talk to their mother more about stuff like this. But I never ask them. Whenever, they want to say, they say it. But their relationships are things which are completely different from the kind of films I do.” In the same interview, he also talked about Suhana’s interest in the field of acting and said, “Suhana wants to act. And I want to say this to every child, that acting is not about Bollywood. You could do it for theatre, street theatre, in television, in films, so it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be Indian films.” “It’s an interest she has and I have seen that she is good with it. And so is Aryan. But I think, he is very clear that he wants to make up his mind after he finishes college which is another four years. Suhana is interested in acting and she likes theatre. I’ll be a proud father, if she does well,” he added. Shahrukh, you are really one of the best dads of the world!
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