Messed up promotional campaign of FAN vs perfectly planned Sultan


Q. How well are the songs of Sultan received? Has the buzz increased and is the buzz equal to that of Fan?

A. No comparison between the promotional campaigns of FAN and Sultan. FAN was the most poorly planned and marketed Shah Rukh Khan film in a decade! They released two teasers and both were out in 2015 – months before the film hit screens. They released the only song in the film (which wasn’t even included in the film), before the theatrical trailer. This resulted in the makers not having units in the last one month to give the audience something new. What were they (YRF) thinking?

On the other hand, the same team hasn’t put a step wrong with Sultan. Perfectly announced, shoot went as per schedule with the PR team constantly working at keeping the film in news and they eventually ensured that ‘Raees’ moved out too. The Sultan teaser was well received, trailer was huge and the songs have worked well too. Everything has worked for Sultan so far and it’s all down to content clicking with the audience.

How did it go so horribly wrong with FAN – a film that was expected to do 100 crore even in the worst case scenario – while everything seems to be clicking for Sultan?