Kaanchi quick movie review: Subhash Ghai’s Mishti is no Aishwarya Rai Bachchan


A lot has been already said about Subhash Ghai’s Kaanchi much before the film released. Ghai renamed Indrani Chakraborty as Mishti for his film that has released today. Our enthusiastic critic Srishti Dixit is watching the film at a theatre right now and she has sent us her first impressions of the film.

Srishti says, ” Random doesnt begin to define the first half of Kaanchi. Mishti walks straight talks like she has a speech impediment. Unimpressive so far. The actor who plays Binda has great potential and the supporting cast that consists of Chandan Roy Sanyal, Rishi Kapoor and Mithun Chakraborty is the only saving grace. But the twist right before the interval quickens up the pace and makes up for the slow first half.”

Keep watching this space to know what happens next!

source: http://tinyurl.com/le6phvg