Janmashtami Special: 7 Bollywood actors who can play Krishna on screen!

While Akshay Kumar has already played Krishna in OMG Oh My God, here are 7 heroes who we think can pull off a Krishna avatar as well…


Akshay Kumar, Gemini Ganeshan, Pawan Kalyan and many others have already played Krishna on screen in their respective films. Many a times have we seen the character of Lord Krishna being used in films, but most of the times, the actors who have played the character haven’t been famous or weren’t A-listers. Especially in Bollywood, you can’t recall any A-lister playing Krishna except for Akshay in OMG: Oh My God. And look at the response he had received for the film.

On account of Janmashtami, we list 7 otherBollywood stars who, we think can pull off a Kishan Kanhaiya role really well.

Varun Dhawan:


Topping the list would be Varun Dhawan. He’s not too tall and he has the naughty nonchalance to play Krishna on screen. Given that he’s already wowed audiences with his on-screen variations and is all set to go down the same route (almost!) in his next, Shuddhi, Varun’s our first choice. Without a doubt.

Hrithik Roshan:


He’s got the looks and he’s got a sculpted body. With Hrithik playing Krishna on screen, the world will be witnessing a different side of Kanhaiya for sure. Hrithik is known for his guru-mantras and chants on life’s issues and virtues. Who knows, maybe post that, Hrithik won’t be called the Greek God anymore. After all, he’ll be the Indian demi-God for sure!

Tiger Shroff:


If Hrithik can pull off something, Tiger has shown that he can too. Whether it’s the dance moves or the action stunts, Tiger has been following Hrithik’s footsteps. Point in case? He’s also doing a superhero film called The Flying Jat, much like Hrithik did in Krrish. So if Duggu’s a choice, Tiger will have to be listed as well. Maybe, he can do his Whistle Baajatoo!

Sushant Singh Rajput: 


He’s the suitable Indian man a woman would fancy, the ideal beta for an Indian household. Thanks to his Bhola avatar on the small screen, we feel Sushant Singh Rajput can pull off Krishna efficiently. And for those who don’t know, SSR has an impeccable philosophical side to him as well. So that will help too!

Sooraj Pancholi:


The new kid on the block, Sooraj has looks to die for and has great screen presence- two of the biggest requirements for the role. Unlike his character from the film, Sooraj is very ‘bhola’ in real life, like Sonakshi called him on Twitter. And now that his upcoming film Hero has already upped anticipation levels, having him play Krishna on the silver screen will definitely be a surprise.

Imran Khan:


Cute boy next door looks and the perfect height, Imran Khan has much working in favour for him in the race. And we’re sure if someone wants to cast an actor as Krishna, the filmmaker can definitely knock on Imran’s doors.

Aamir Khan:


He might not have the physique or the height to pull it off on screen. But hell ya, he’s Aamir Khan! Known for his perfection in detailing, it won’t be surprising to see Aamir undergo another makeover to mater Krishna’s role on celluloid. Come on, he’s changed his body prototype for each film of his, so what’s the big deal?

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