Jacqueline Fernandez-Hrithik Roshan? It could happen!

Insiders reveal that Kabir Khan is keen on casting Jacqueline Fernandez and Hrithik Roshan for his next

Hrithik Roshan and Kabir Khan’s desire to work together may finally be fulfilled. As might  Jacqueline Fernandez’s longing to romance Duggu on screen. Those in the know say the three will start work on a project soon.

Hrithik Roshan and Jacqueline Fernandez

Kabir says he hasn’t decided what he’s doing next, but admits, “I have been in talks with Hrithik. We have been discussing ideas, but we don’t know which one we can work on, because it needs to be an idea that gets both of us excited. Till that happens, I cannot tell which one will be my next film.”
The director elaborates, “There have always been conversations because we wanted to work with each other, but there has never been a concrete script that we have locked to start working. That hasn’t happened.”
Ask about prospective actresses he’s looking at and he clams up. “I haven’t spoken to anyone as of now,” he insists.

What about Jackie? After all, the film in question will be produced by mentor Sajid Nadiadwala. And besides, adds our source, “Last year, Hrithik and Kabir had picked a script which was to be produced by Sajid. Nadiadwala had also finalised Jacqueline as the leading heroine for the film. This is not the same film, but the cast is the same.”

Jacqueline, who’s busy promoting Brothers right now, is tight-lipped and insists, “Right now, I haven’t signed anything. We will be looking at the projects that I will be shooting for next year over the course of the next few months and then locking them.”
Meanwhile, Jackie also seems a little confused. While she says she’s aware that Hrithik and Sajid are teaming up, she has no idea Kabir would be helming the project. “Hrithik and I were supposed to do a film with Nadiadwala. But I was not sure about the process and right now, I am doing two movies for Sajid and I don’t know what else he has locked in for the next year. So yeah, I will definitely look into that,” says Jackie.

Source: http://tinyurl.com/p48w6nf