I can’t tell you his name, says Sunaina Roshan

Sunaina Roshan on the new man in her life


Hrithik Roshan’s sister and Rakesh Roshan’s daughter Sunaina has had a turbulent personal life. She’s fought her way through two failed marriages, a broken engagement and cancer. Recently there were reports that she was dating childhood friend Subir Dhar, who she reveals is just a childhood friend.

She has changed her status on a social networking website to “in a relationship”. Sunaina tells us that the Subir link-up ruined their friendship, “What happened was extremely unfortunate as he broke off our friendship after that. It was embarrassing for him. He was furious! I am used to such kind of stories but he’s not. Luckily, he isn’t married or it could have been worse. Our friendship went for a toss after that. We can never be friends again.”

Ask her who is she ‘in a relationship’ with and she smiles, “Right now, we just very good friends and we are getting to know each other. Let’s see where it leads. It’s still very new for me, so I can’t tell you his name. All I can say is that he’s not from the film industry. I don’t want my father to know anything and get upset.”

The ex files
‘I was never dating Rajev’

What went wrong with TV actor Rajev Paul who she is was dating? “I was never dating him. I never had anything to do with him. In fact, I have not spoken to him for the past three years. I introduced him to my cousin to get married to. It was just a friendship as we were all part of a group – Vivek Mushran, his girlfriend, my cousin Sonali, Rajev and I. Rajev and I were both single so people assumed that we were dating each other. Then two-and-a-half years ago Rajev said something very nasty about me to the media, which hurt and shocked me! He kept making digs at everybody in our group. He said that I was bonding with his dog which made no sense! Please don’t use my name like that. My parents are very proud of the way I have maintained my dignity.”

Source: dnaindia.com