I am always amazed as to how much energy Shah Rukh Khan has: Kajol

The actress is paired once again with Shah Rukh Khan.


Kajol, is returning to the big screen after a long gap. The actress is paired once again with Shah Rukh Khan. But it’s not just them. There is also Varun Dhawan in the film and newcomer Kriti sannon. Here, she talks about her co-stars. Read on..

On Kriti
“Kriti is a good sport, we made a lot of fun of her height, initially. She took it with good humour rather than sitting and frowning about it. Her attitude on set is really good, she is genuine and puts in a lot of effort. You can see that she wants to do better.”

Dilwale has Shah Rukh and Kajol reuniting after the 2010 release My Name is Khan. There is no denying the incredible chemistry they share on screen. When asked about the one thing that hasn’t changed in SRK over the last few decades, Kajol said, “The fact that he is always more than 300 per cent available at every shoot. I am always amazed as to how much energy he has. He is always ready to creatively and physically push himself with absolutely no care for his own self. This is the one thing that hasn’t changed at all over the years I have known him.

Kriti on Kajol
She has a few scenes with Kajol in the film. She admits she was super nervous on facing the camera with the senior actress, “I have to confess I was very scared to work with her initially, but the way she helped me in my very first scene with her just made it so easy. She was so helpful and gave me such good insights on how I should say my lines or do the scene. Just watching her perform is amazing because she is an instinctive actor, she plays out what she feels. It’s all in her eyes, she just acts through them. She is also a lot of fun to work with, we have had emotional scenes where we both just cracked up and laughed hysterically.”

Source: dnaindia.com