Hrithik Roshan to fight a GIGANTIC crocodile in Mohenjo Daro!


We have been exclusively giving you details about Hrithik Roshan‘s next magnum opus Mohenjo Daro. Now that film is special for many reasons. The hottie will be back on screen after a gap of a year and also, it will be a period drama. It has been sometime since we saw a period film in Indian cinema. Ashutosh Gowarikar’s Jodhaa Akbar was a vision and we are sure he will ensure Mohenjo Daro surpasses that too. And while he is busy staying true that promise, we give you yet another exclusive details about the film. We hear Hrithik will be seen fighting a 20ft long crocodile with ample help from CG!

As you all are aware, Mohenjo Daro is set in an era where the first human civilisation was still steadying its roots on earth. It dates back to the time when things were savage and survival of the fittest was not just a theory but an oft-seen visual. We already told you about Hrithik’s loin cloth-clad entry and passionate love making scene in a cave. Apart from all that, he will take on a giant 20-ft crocodile. In Jodhaa Akbar, we saw him tame a rowdy elephant without any weapon and we won’t be shocked if this fight sequence turns out to be pretty lavish too.

Guess Gowarikar took his crocodile hunting tweet a bit seriously. Hrithik had shared a picture of his kid when they were holidaying in Africa saying, “”Real? Or faking it? …(Hint- He’s doing it better than me.) #crocodilehunting #AmazingAfrica.” And that was the cue it seems…