Glam up your workplace with smart dressing

Give a twist to the monotonous dressing style with red check gingham or bright ties this summer.

Men’s apparel brand John Players has come up with some glamorous designs that can help elevate style statement at the workplace, said a statement.

Up your style with a red check gingham

Beat the Monday blues with a pair of bright red check gingham shirt with a blue trouser. Team up the look with a pair of light brown loafers.

men_mos1_040214034028Romance with the bright ties

Stand out in the crowd of a board meeting room by paring up a dark grey shirt with a bright red tie, along with a light brown trouser. This affair will not fail you.

men_mos2_040214034029Gear up with your suitsGearing up for a typical Wednesday business presentation will be impeccable with brown suit as these outfits are yet again on the rise. Master your business meeting not only with your presentations but also the brown ‘suit-look’. Tweak the look by wearing a pair of cobalt blue moccasins.men_mos3_040214034029Friday dressing with Polo shirtFridays are generally a relaxed day at work with the weekend-fever at the back of the mind. With a surprise entry, an aqua polo shirt, will compliment the look of all skin tones when paired with a white trouser.men_mos4_040214034029source: