Freida Pinto: For Priyanka Chopra, I’m just a phone call away!

Freida Pinto bats for Priyanka Chopra


Freida Pinto and Priyanka Choprarecently collaborated on bringing the Girl Rising campaign to India. While Freida has been making rapid strides internationally, Priyanka Chopra has decided to scorch American small screens with her maiden series Quantico hitting TV screens this September-end.

In a chat over Skype, Freida lauds PC and her decision to choose a TV series over aHollywood film. Not just that, she’s maintained that PeeCee’s made the correct choice.
Over to Freida…

Priyanka is making her debut on Amercian TV with Quantico. Did she ever discuss it with you or ask you for any advice?
Not really, what people forget is that she’s a professional. She’s been doing this for a very, very long time. She’s been doing this longer than I have been. Yes, I have been doing this longer in America but she’s been there in the industry for 15 years. So she’s a pro and she does not need me to tell her how to do it. But if she ever calls or asks me any questions or queries, I’ll always be there to answer them. I have answered that for few people who have come up to me and asked me about how it’s done here. America and India are two very different industries, in terms of how they run. Yes, the effort you put into any project is the same everywhere. But production wise, they do differ a lot. So if anybody needs me, I’m always there, just a phone call away!

Today, more and more Indians are making their presence felt in Hollywood..
I am really happy because it’s high time we have more Indian representation on the global platform as well. Irrfan (Khan) has been doing this for a while. He’s one man I feel proud of every time I hear he’s doing a film, whether its Jurassic Park or anything else. We need more people representing India. And definitely more women! (Smiles)

But do you think choosing a TV series over a Hollywood was the right decision for PC?
That’s a very unfair question because you are basically asking me to tell you whether she’s taken the right decision in her life. Of course she has. Why would I say she hasn’t? You have to go forward with your gut instinct and do what you think is right. I can tell you one thing that Hollywood as an industry is very hard. It may seem very glamorous from the outside. But it’s not. Forget about ethnic minorities, let’s just talk about actresses, the white actresses — there’s so much competition and there are such few roles written for them.

And on TV?
I think TV, as someone said the other day, is a promised land. Priyanka has absolutely made the right moves and why not?

Do you regret not being a part of a TV series yourself?
No, not at all. I wouldn’t say I haven’t done TV at all. I did a little stint on the Mindy Kalingshow which is very popular over here. But for me, TV, films every medium is for people to be entertained. If anything is putting someone in a happy space, then that’s a good medium to be part of.

Source: DNA India