Food Junctions @ New York

ABC Cocina
Phone :1-212-677-2233
images Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s latest venue is boisterously loud.It’s good for the food and the buzz, not for the noise. His Latin-inspired menu features dishes such as pork tacos, cashews, apples and jalapeno hot sauce ($15).
Bar Boulud
Phone :1-212-595-0303
images1 This is a safe bet near the Lincoln Center. You can sit outside and watch the tourist crowds without being part of them. The service is friendly and efficient and you need not break the bank.The pre-theater menu is $45 for three courses.
Bello Giardino
Phone :1-212-875-1512
images3 This family restaurant off Columbus Avenue is like stepping into “Cheers.” Sit at the bar and you may swap names faster than you can drink cocktails. The food is old-style Italian-American. Credit cards aren’t accepted. Lunch is $9.95.
images4 I visited this casual venue for drinks during a long night. I can’t tell you about the regional German/new Brooklyn cuisine, which is its specialty, but the cocktails are fine. My bill tells me I paid $11 for an Anna Nicole
Phone :1-718-386-4282
images5 Assuming you don’t get lost on the way from the subway you may find this grungy Vietnamese restaurant opposite a junkyard in Ridgewood, Queens. Bring your own beer. Lunch was among the best of the meals I had in New York and it cost $41.
images6 There are dozens of reasons to visit Cata, a tapas restaurant on the Bowery. One is for the excellent food, particularly the freshest of fish. Another 26 or so are for the gin and tonics, of which there is an extraordinary range.
Chez Lucienne
images7 How much would you pay for a lunch of French snails in a garlic butter parsley sauce, followed by a Kobe beef burger? It’s $14 at this French restaurant, next to Red Rooster in Harlem. The service was among the friendliest in New York.
index8 This tiny Tuscan venue on Sixth Avenue (near Spring Street) is easy to miss. No money has been wasted on decor or signs. That’s good: It keeps down the cost of salads, pastas and dishes such as brodetto di pesce (fish soup.) Weekend brunch is $20