Farhan Akhtar talks about ‘Wazir’ and ‘Rock On 2’

Farhan Akhtar on upcoming releases Rock On 2 and Wazir


The teaser of the upcoming Farhan Akhtar-Amitabh Bachchan-starrer Wazirhit digital platforms months back, but there has been no noise about the film since.

While the film has been pushed ahead a bit, Farhan comes clean on the release of the film. Not just that, he also makes interesting revelations about Rock On 2. Read on…

Wazir has been pushed for a while. What’s the status?
The release date which has been fixed is December 4. It has been that for some time and hopefully, it will remain that.

You are playing a cop for the first time in Wazir. Did you maintain a body prototype for the film? Did you train for it?
I had to become a little bulkier for Wazir because most policemen I have seen, especially at a certain rank, tend to have a certain body type. Of course, there are exceptions but I was very lean before the film started. So that looked a little funny to me because you have to kind of fill up the uniform. Also because of the kind of training they go through, somehow you can feel the toughness when you look at them. Their forearms are usually big, they have strong legs — that kind of training was done. So there is a different look in the film for sure.

Another change in look for Rock On 2 again?
Yes, as you can see. (Points to his body and the beard) This is work in progress. For Rock On 2, I am not beefing up at all. I have lost a lot of weight since Wazir which you will notice on screen. These things stand out a lot more on screen than when you see a person in real.

Will Rock On 2 begin from where Rock On!! ended?
Well, the characters are the same. On some level of course, what’s happened in the past cannot be denied. But the story is not like that’s where they ended and this is where they start. It’s about these characters and their lives.

What’s the schedule like?
We are shooting continuously till there’s a break for Diwali because the crew needs to spend time with their families. Then there’s a break again during Christmas and New Year’s.

Shraddha Kapoor told us that both of you jammed together. How has it been?
Awesome! She has a great voice. I had never heard her sing before. Now I have heard this track she’s sung in another film. When you are not in the studio, you don’t know how much the person is singing and how much is post-produced. I got to hear her sing live and we were all just sitting together — Shankar Mahadevan, Loy Mendonca, director Shujaat Saudagar, her and myself. My father has done the lyrics and we were just getting familiar with the song. It’s nice to hear the song.

There are reports that Sunidhi Chauhan, Vishal Shekhar and Shankar Mahadevanwill be doing cameos in Rock On 2. Is that true?
Reports? (Laughs) Yaar, kuchh toh chhod do film ke liye.

Plan on directing a film soon?
Right now, there are two things on my mind. One is Rock On 2 to be filmed correctly and then, to release Wazir. Beyond that, I have not committed to anything post Rock On 2 — be it as an actor or as a director. So I want to just finish shooting the film and then I’ll decide what’s next.

Source: dnaindia.com