Do Alia Bhatt and Arjun Kapoor make the perfect bride and groom?


The 2 States couple has posed for the cover of yet another glossy and yet again, we aren’t impressed

Not so long time ago, we told you how we weren’t exuberantly impressed with Alia Bhatt and Arjun Kapoor on the coverpage of Filmfare. The 2 States pair has also posed for the April issue of Harper’s Bazaar Bride. And do we like it? If you ask us, our honest reply would certainly be ‘no’. After watching their sizzling chemistry in the songs and trailer of 2 States, this cover seems really thanda. In fact, there are absolutely no sparks flying between the duo.

To begin with, what on earth is Alia wearing? The metallic meets rainbow holographic fashion might be an emerging trend but certainly not for brides. And the lehenga is not flattering Alia’s torso one bit. Neither the dress is falling photogenically over the SOTY actor nor does it make her look like a bride. As for Arjun Kapoor, the lad is wearing a light-coloured suit and he is hidden behind Alia. Alia is clinging onto Arjun and we barely get to see the latter. And if Arjun was trying to look seductive with that intense expression, we must say he has failed miserably. Both Alia and Arjun’s hairdo too fails to win our hearts. While the Highway babe has simply let her hair down, the Gunday actor’s hair is all wrong for a groom.

What more, the cover has a tagline which says, ‘colours of India’. Well, there’s absolutely nothing about the cover which looks like the duo are set up for a big fat Indian wedding, hai na? Alia and Arjun’s Harper’s Bazaar cover is as disappointing as the Filmfare one.