Dishoom is the new Dhoom?

John Abraham believes the film has potential to become a franchise


In action films like the Dhoom franchise, it’s always the villains who steal the glory. And John Abraham’s success as an action hero, was arguably propelled by that film’s box-office success. And while he has done several action flicks since then, his latest one, Dishoom has Varun Dhawan in tow.

Varun’s brother Rohit returns to the director’s chair with this film. Says John, “Dishoom is a fun film with a lot of action and drama and is in the same space as theLethal Weapon series or Bad Boys.”

John is working with Varun for the first time and is mighty impressed. He says, “The combination of Varun and me is special. I also think we will go on to make the best action pair together in Bollywood for years to come, if Dishoom becomes a franchise.”

So plans are afoot? Shares John, “I believe Dishoom will probably be the next biggest franchise because Dhoom has matured. Dishoom is a young franchise because it’s a far younger film. And the bike sequences, the chases, the action overall in the film are of really high standards.”

The actor, is also shooting for Force 2 “On October 21, I finish the schedule of Force 2. Till December and I will complete 95 per cent of the film. I complete Dishoom in January,” John reveals.