Deepika, Priyanka or Sonakshi: Jacqueline Fernandez picks her faves for ‘Kick 2’

Jacqueline Fernandez picks her faves for Kick sequel…


Jacqueline Fernandez might not be starring in the Kick sequel, but she already has her replacements in mind. “Given a choice, I’d say Sonakshi Sinha, Deepika Padukone or Priyanka Chopra”, she says. Ask her why and she says, “These are the girls I see when you talk of action in films. And if Kick 2 is that, then they’re bang on for it. But Salman (Khan) knows best. He’s always been spot on with the casting.”

Jackie, however, is starring in anotherSalman Khan production. Disappointed about being out of the sequel? She reveals, “I have not spoken to Salman about the film. If it doesn’t happen, it isn’t meant to be.”

She explains that her friendship with Salman is beyond professional discussions. Jackie says, “I will never put him in a compromising situation where I will say, ‘So let’s discuss Kick 2 now’. He’s already done too much, I can’t ask for more,” she adds.

Does she know anything about the film? “I don’t know the story that they are going into. It’s not obviously going to be a sequel. If it’s a prequel or maybe something else, I have no clue,” she adds.