Deepika Padukone’s ‘Rest Room Tantrums’

Deepika Padukone

Last week, when a Mumbai-based food blogger walked into a ladies room of a 5-star hotel in the suburbs, little did she expect to find herself in the centre of a storm. Apparently, a few moments later, Deepika Padukone walked in the ladies washroom with her entourage. What was surprising was that her male security personnel also walked into the washroom with her. This made everyone present uncomfortable. However, when this blogger was about to leave, the worse followed… she was withheld by the male security from leaving the washroom!

The blogger took to a social networking site to vent her ire saying, “One of Deepika’s ‘minions’ actually held the door closed so I could not get out.” Another tweet read, “Imagine coming out of the loo to have five people staring at you like you are a terrorist!”

The poor blogger was perhaps hoping of help coming her way but what followed made her delete all her earlier tweets. She was trolled and abused by the actresses’ fans. She deleted her previous tweets saying, “Deleted tweet from couple of days ago on a certain celeb. Too much dirtiness and trolling coming my way (sic)” She further blamed the entourage and tweeted that Deepika was probably not even aware of what had happened.