Deepika Padukone-Priyanka Chopra’s ‘big talk’

Priyanka Chopra on discussing disparity in income between actors and actresses with Deepika Padukone on the sets


Bollywood heroines have long stood up against the issue of income disparity between actors and actresses. And it’s a subject close to Priyanka Chopra’s and Deepika Padukone’s hearts as well. The two star in Bajirao Mastani and we asked them what they talked about on the sets.

PC tells us how she and Dippy discussed the issue while shooting for BM. “Deepika and I were talking about how there’s a huge disparity between men and women. Not just here, but globally,” Priyanka reveals. She adds, “Not just in this business, but in any job of authority. Male CEOs get paid a lot more than female CEOs. So to be taken seriously as women, it’ll be a battle that lasts a long time. I think I always have that kind of  attitude and believe Deepika has that attitude as well. People keep making fun of us on the sets, calling it our ‘big talk’,” she laughs.

Priyanka is known to speak her mind. Having been in the industry for 15 years now, she has seen  all the highs and lows. And the difference in the outlook towards men and women in the industry is something she cannot stand. “I have had a point of view on this since the time I joined movies. I came from a very academic background. So I didn’t initially understand the disparity between men and women so much. In my first few films, once I was told by my producer that girls are interchangeable. Hero nahi change kar sakte, but agar aapki dates match nahi kar rahi ya aap ek certain remuneration maang rahe ho, toh aap jao. Hum nayi ladki launch kar denge.”

PC explains that she wants a definite change, but not in the form of quantity. “I am not asking for equality. I really want there to be relevance to girls in the movie business. I am not saying treat us equally, because it’s a long way to go for India as a nation as well. But give some relevance to our minds, opinions as talents or actors. I am really happy to see all the actresses today coming together to support this cause. Whether it’s Vidya, Deepika, me, Kangana, Anushka, we sort of come together on this relevance issue, contrary to what people believe about us actresses. I think if we stand by each other, change will definitely happen.”