BodyPower Expo India 2014: Bodybuilding meets Bollywood

bodypower-expo-indiaThe eagerly awaited BodyPower Expo took place on March 29 and 30 for the very first time in India. The event which provides a platform for fitness professionals as well as enthusiasts and brands from around the world to meet and greet at one place, witnessed a huge turnout. The schedule was packed with several talks, events, group exercises, demos, etc taking place simultaneously at its Goregaon venue.

Several legends from the fitness industry graced the event making it a spectacular sight for fans. 8 times Mr Olympia Ronnie Coleman had fans line-up to get a sneak peek of him. Other big-wigs like Jay Cutler, Amrita Dhaliwal, Kris Gethin, Marika Johansson, Shivoham, and many others were seen interacting with the media and their admirers, sharing tips and tricks and posing for photos.

Sarina Jain, the creator of Masala Bhangra also came down from the US to make people fitter in a fun manner. She and her team encouraged the audience to try this fun workout with them, dancing to the rhythmic beats of Punjabi dhol mix. While people danced to her tunes on the main stage, there were bodybuilders showing off their physique in another part of the venue. CrossFit enthusiasts were seen sweating it out lifting heavy weights in another corner.

Ryan Fernando, a sports nutritionist gave an interesting talk on how supplements and sports nutrition affects our bodies and which ones are in fact needed by different people. Marika on the other hand spoke about Indian food and its nutrition giving tips to make it healthy to sustain a good workout. Her client Pinky Roshan better known as Hrithik Roshan’s mother interacted with the crowd and even did a few push-ups on stage.

But the show-stealers were Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor. They entertained, spoke about their fitness, danced and even clicked selfies with the crowd. The event which concluded on Sunday evening offered a great platform for people from different walks of life who want to get fit whether the traditional way by going to the gym or through new ways like fusion workouts, to share their thoughts and gain more knowledge on the subject.