Bigg Boss 9 With Salman Khan: Rochelle Rao Breaks Her Rope With Prince Narula


Well, Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss 9 Double Trouble has begun and with the first episode to go on air tonight, we are enjoying to reveal every detailed happening and gossip from the house.

On the first day itself, Bigg Boss shocked all the contestants by allowing to carry only one bag between each jodi. Only one person was allowed to choose their luggage bag and that they were only allowed to share their belongings with their own partner and not with anyone else.

So jodi Mandana Karimi – Keith Sequeira were found to be to understanding. The two came with the decision that Mandana would choose the bag and the cutest thing was that the Keith chose to wear Mandana’s clothes. He was happily sporting his partner Mandana’s off shoulder red coloured top. The two have already grown fond of each other.

With so much of twists, the show has begun with double dose of trouble. From the day one itself the contestants had to sacrifice a lot. After the suitcase dilemma, Bigg Boss might snatch many more things it seems.

Also, as we all know Bigg Boss 9 house is the mixture of variety of people with different nature, background and so on. Folk singer Arvind Vegda who made a hatke entry on the show, is surely going to make you laugh with his funny behaviour and instances. The latest thing happened with the contestant was Arvind’s bad habit of snoring which disturbed the sleep of others. We wonder how his partner Ankit Gera survived the night.

Also, the casanova Prince Narula who is getting famous since day 1 paired up with Rochelle Rao. The duo are enjoying each other’s company but we wonder what made Rochelle to break the rope with Prince. Once can see in the picture, she is standing in the bathroom area and is pulling the rope tied to Prince.

Also, as earlier we Exclusively revealed the first nomination procedure. The three jodis have landed up in the danger zone in the first week itself. With inside scoop, Roopa Tyagi who is ex-girlfriend of Ankit Gera, nominated him at the first nomination it self.

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