Being a girl doesn’t mean you deserve less: Alia Bhatt

This Teacher’s Day, Alia Bhatt tells us what she learned from her teachers and why education is important for girls


Apart from parents Mahesh Bhatt andSoni Razdan (obviously!), Alia Bhatt, 22, has had an excellent education, having studied at the Jamnabai Narsee School in Juhu. Today, on Teacher’s Day, she tells us about her favourite teachers, shares school memories and muses why education is important for girls:

My earliest, most prominent school memory is, I think, when  I was in Junior KG. I was singing in a choir in front of our headmistress and singing very well (according to her). She asked me to come up in the front and sing. When I did, she said, ‘Okay, now everyone will sing like Alia’ and I sang alone. That moment, where everyone was looking at me, was a big moment. Feeling all the attention — I think that’s when I realised I want to do this forever! At that moment, I probably realised I wanted to act…

I have learned many things from my teachers; some I still follow in daily life. The most important things I remember, are punctuallity, discipline and respecting peers and elders. These were the basic things we learned early on in life, but I think these things once learned are the values and ideas you take forward in life. Also, the creative side is something I have utilised in my daily life… I was always a part of school plays; something I did for the rest of my schooling.

I may not have studied too far in life, but I feel education is very important for girls. I know basic education is important. It’s not important to be the smartest in class, but there has to be a certain amount of awareness to carry out basic, responsible decisions in life. You have to be able to reason with people. And girls must be educated — because we need to be equal! Being a girl doesn’t mean you deserve less!”

My favourite teachers in school were Rajal Miss, Cyril Sir and Ashita Miss. Rajal Miss was our Math teacher in 4th grade. Though it didn’t come easily to me, I had a knack for it. She gave me that extra push and attention and made me pursue it. There was my handball coach, Cyril Sir. I played handball a lot in school and he brought that discipline into my life which I take forward today. How can I forget Ashita Miss? She was my 11th and 12th grade History teacher. She made it fun and interesting and was the coolest teacher ever! Ashita Miss treated us like adults and equals.

People ask me if I ever played pranks in school… I was naughty, but loved — the best combination! but I never played pranks on anyone. I would feel very bad for those who got bullied. I have been a sensitive person since the beginning…