Awards ka hisaab-kitaab mehnga padta hai, says Kangana Ranaut

kangana-ranuat-650_041114125619No one will deny that Kangana Ranaut has delivered her career’s best performance in her last release Queen. Most industry watchers are certain that the Vikas Bahl directed film is guaranteed to make the young actor a hot contestant to sweep major film awards 2014.

That’s why it was rather shocking to hear when Kangana recently declared that she will not attend award functions next year. Kangana has her justifications in place.

She feels, “If there was just one award function I would look forward to attend it but there are about 15 to 16 of them. To be able to sit through each award function for five to six hours is too much. Add another two hours of hair and make-up time for it. Hisaab-kitaab bahut mehnga padta hai”.

She adds, “I am not saying that the awards given here are not genuine but then they are also giving away awards for Best Smile and Best Sari. Those behind the award functions try to please everyone. In such a scenario what is one to make of these awards.”

Clearly Kangana is an evolved actor today. She knows her mind. She categorically declares, “At different stages of his/her life a person has different priorities. Awards are not my priority  today.”