Anupam Kher’s Twitter spat with Rakesh Sharma over Gujarat riots documentary


Documentary filmmaker Rakesh Sharma and veteran actor Anupam Kher are locked in a verbal spat on the social media over the former’s Gujarat riots documentary ‘Final Solution’.

Sharma alleged that as former Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) chairperson, Anupam Kher banned his documentary ‘Final Solution’ by not giving it a clearance during the NDA-led regime. He claims the documentary was finally cleared when the Congress-led UPA coalition came in power.

“‘Final Solution’ was cleared on October 7, 2004, when the UPA was in power, not as Anupam Kher claims during the BJP regime!,” Rakesh tweeted.

“It was cleared by a panel headed by Shyam Benegal, with 3-4 members. Anupam ‘banned’ it through a charade earlier,” he added.

Anupam Kher, who was the chairperson of the board from 16 October 2003 to 13 October 2004, has denied Sharma’s allegations insisting the movie was passed under his tenure and Sharma even thanked him for that.

“Have been reading Rakesh Sharma’s response to my interviews to news channels about his documentary film ‘Final Solution’. He is lying. He says I as a chairman of Censor Board didn’t pass his documentary. UPA did. Easiest thing is to do is find out the proof from CB,” Anupam Kher wrote.

“I as a Chairman saw his documentary and passed it without any cuts. Censor board has the proof. In fact Rakesh Sharma thanked me for passing his documentary. I feel sorry for him. Calling me a liar without any proof is a cowardly act,” he added.