Anne Hathaway ‘snuck’ in alcohol to the Oscars

anne-hathaway-630Actress Anne Hathaway made an appearance on TV show Live with Kelly and Michael and said that she snuck a flask of tequila into the Oscars.

The Rio-2 star’s evening at the prestigious award show began with a seating mix-up, which led to an alcohol-filled gab-fest.

“I got a perfect purse-sized flask, which I put tequila in, and I had a great time! It was really nice, and it’s a great ice-breaker,” quoted Hathaway as saying.

“I guess because I hosted one year. Block it out! I’ve gone through it a couple of times, so this year, I decided to do something a little different.”

“I was led to my seat with my husband and I stopped in the section I thought I was sitting in, which was next to my friend Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and they said, ‘No, no, no, you’re sitting in the center,” she added.

Seeing one empty chair, Hathaway’s husband grabbed it and she sat down on his lap.