Alia Bhatt: Forget critical acclaim, I want your emotional acclaim

Where most of the actresses want to be appreciated with awards for their hard work, adorable Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt doesn’t seem too interested in the awards and we aren’t talking about any chota-mota award, we’re talking about the National Award. Yes, for Alia, winning the hearts of the people is more important.


Vikas Bahl’s last directorial film QUEEN, won Kangana Ranaut a national award. When asked Alia if she is aiming for a national award with SHAANDAAR, she said, “Honestly speaking, I want to aim for national hearts, award and all is ok. It should reach the people’s hearts.”

Like all the other actresses, Alia too wants people to come out of the film happy. Sharing about how she wants the audiences to be happy with SHAANDAAR, she said, “Forget critical acclaim, I want your emotional acclaim and I want you to be happy and come out of the film smiling. And I want you to say that it was a shaandaar experience. That’s it.”

We too wish people come out of the movie smiling, Alia. And you’ve already won our hearts and have our emotional acclaim too! With SHAANDAAR, we hope that remains constant. But somewhere, we’re sure you’d want a national award too, hai na?.