After Shaandaar, here’s what Vikas Bahl is gearing up for

A short film and a political thriller!


Post Shaandaar, the Queen director Vikas Bahl has his future plans in place. It will be a short film. Vikas reveals, “I am trying to do a short film right now, which is a murder mystery.” Given that Sujoy Ghosh’s short film Ahalya was applauded by all and sundry, will Vikas’ initiative help revive the era of telefilms that were a rage in the 90s? “I haven’t seen Ahalya, but I really want to watch Sujoy’s film. I hope this change happens because I feel that format of telling a story is really interesting. As it is, our story-telling in our movies is totally flawed.”

Why? “You make a movie with two endings and there are no stories with two endings. But because of the interval, we have to take a story and end it. Then again, start a story and end it. That’s the reason we have such weak storytelling in India. The moment we remove the interval from the screenplay, I believe we will write much better stories. Similarly, when you tell a story in half an hour, it gives you the ability to make it sharper.”

What about films? Vikas says he will try to do something different. “I will be sick and tired of my films. So I want to break free from the genre of the films I’m making and make some other type of films next.” And the genre? “I want to make a political thriller. I have some thoughts which I will be working on now,” he reveals.