Actresses talk about SRK


From Karisma Kapoor and Kajol to Anushka Sharma and Katrina Kaif, Shah Rukh Khan has romanced countless heroines on screen and they have only good things to say about him. That, ladies and gentlemen, is the nicest thing that can happen to an actor. Because actors like to gossip, they love to bitch but even candid off the record conversations with his leading ladies haven’t yielded a hint of complaint. We have resigned ourselves to the fact that none have come forward with a wink and nudge and said, “You didn’t get this from me, but…” Looks like they all adore him in real life as well. Kajol reveals her friendship with SRK is all about love and comfort, Karisma Kapoor dubs him as the most secure and helpful co-star ever, while sis Kareena Kapoor refers to him as a phenomenon. Manisha Koirala defines him as a ‘fearless’ actor while Anushka and Katrina sing praises of his generosity. The compliments just don’t seem to stop. Read on to know all that his heroines have to say about their king of romance.



My equation with him is an old one. I can’t explain it. He’s one of those friends whom I don’t call every day. I don’t attend his house parties either. (Laughs) I guess that’s why Gauri (Khan) has stopped inviting me now. She’s says, “What’s the point of calling you? You will never come.” I tell her, “You are right, Gauri! Don’t waste your money on the phone call as I won’t come.”

The nicest part about Shah Rukh is that whenever we meet, there is always so much warmth, so much love. We pick up from we’d left off. There’s no discomfort or awkwardness. Our friendship has lasted so long because of this reason. Also, he’s an extremely intelligent man. (Laughs) A little too intelligent for his own good sometimes. I’ve never met a more hardworking man than Shah Rukh. He works like a dog. Whether it’s his films or his family, he’s at it 24×7. He gives his 300 per cent to everything he does. I guess that’s why he suffers from insomnia. He sleeps for three hours and wakes up thinking about what all he needs to do. There aren’t enough hours in a day for him. People overlook the fact that he has worked hard to reach where he is. It takes more than just luck to achieve so much.

Raveena Tandon


Shah Rukh is the most beautiful human being I’ve met in my life. We’ve known each for a long, long time. There’s so much warmth when we meet. He’s an emotional guy too. We were doing a charity show to raise funds for the Uttarakhand floods. In between the show he said I was the actress who first called him Shah and that’s how he got the nickname. If Shah Rukh loves you, he will love you forever.

As a co-star, he’s a riot to work with. Super fun and witty. He’s always cracking jokes. He’d always say that I smelt good and would ask me what perfumes I wore. He’s not the conventional good looking guy but he’s still the king of romance. It’s his intensity and passion, which makes him the superstar he is.

Karisma Kapoor


It’s stating the obvious but he’s the most energetic actor around. He’s a secure actor too. In Dil Toh Pagal Hai, he helped me in every scene. He would sit and practice the lines with me. Other actors only think about their looks and dialogue but Shah Rukh is involved in every aspect of the film. When we were doing the stone-throwing scene in Baden-Baden (Germany), I had seven pages of dialogue and he had to maintain one expression throughout. Every time Yashji (Chopra) would call action, it would start raining. I was in tears with frustration. But Shah Rukh comforted me. He kept saying, “Ho jaayega yaar.” We have also done shows together. He’s always been fun. I’m good friends with Gauri (Khan). It’s all about kids and family now. The good part is that SRK and I are friends even though we don’t work together anymore. It’s heartening that the mutual affection has lasted.

Kareena Kapoor


He’s the biggest star of the Indian film industry. There may be great actors and superstars but there will be only one phenomenon that is Shah Rukh Khan. The kind of charisma he enjoys no one else can. He was the first superstar I worked with. Asoka was a memorable experience. He puts a lot of energy in everything. His dedication to work is amazing. When he’s around, everything comes alive – even the dullest scene. He’s fun at parties, events and on film sets. I can’t match his energy levels as a co-star. But I do share an amazing chemistry with him. I wish I could do a film with him soon. After Saif (Ali Khan), he’s the most chivalrous man in the industry. He drops all his heroines to their cars.

Katrina Kaif


I have had the good fortune of working with Shah Rukh Khan in Jab Tak Hai Jaan. I have also worked with him on several shows where we were performing together. The first thing that comes across about him is that he’s one of the most generous co-stars. Charming, courteous and a gentleman. At work, he ensures that his co-stars and co-performers are also given an opportunity to do their best. He cares about his co-star’s performance as much as his own. He’s 100 per cent dedicated to every shot. He has incredible knowledge about any topic under the sun.

Anushka Sharma


He was my first co-star and a superstar at that. Not once did he make me feel less experienced. I’ve learnt a lot from him. He’s a brilliant actor. He’s a selfless co-actor and a complete team player. Initially, my equation with him was different. Today I’m much more comfortable with him. It all happened during the shoot of Jab Tak Hai Jaan. Our equation isn’t like ‘Hey buddy what’s up’ because I look up to him. But he’s someone with whom I can discuss anything. What’s not changed from Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi to Jab Tak Hai Jaan is the respect that I have for him, as an actor and as a human being. He’s a gentleman; he has a great sense of humour and is witty. I feel happy after talking to him. You don’t feel this way with too many people. And yes, he smells nice.

Shilpa Shetty


He was my first ever co-star. I’ll always have huge respect for him. He guided me so well when I started my career. I couldn’t even speak Hindi properly. He was supportive. I remember when we were shooting the Aye mere humsafar song in Baazigar, he told me that the camera is the audience. To date I keep that in mind when I’m giving a shot. Working with him was a learning experience. He’s simply charismatic. And now we meet more often because of the IPL. One thing that is common about both of us is that we’re graceful when we lose but we don’t like to lose. I also believe he’s blessed. Full marks to him for reaching where he is today.

Madhuri Dixit


Once in an interview, Shah Rukh had said that Madhuri Dixit is the only man in the industry. Today, I want to say he’s the best man in the film industry. He’s a self-made man. He’s achieved so much because of his hard work, determination and dedication. For Shah Rukh sky is the limit. He’s what we call a gentleman. I’ve never met a more chivalrous man than him. He doesn’t leave a film set unless he has dropped the actress to her car after pack-up. He’s also easy to get along with. I can say whatever I want to say to him. He has a superb sense of humour. I keep joking and laughing with him. We had a blast shooting for Anjaam, Koyla and Dil Toh Pagal Hai. I remember we shot Koyla in harsh conditions. It was extremely cold. It was difficult to shoot in Tawang. And he was only wearing a vest and a dhoti. After we wrapped up the shoot, he gave me a card acknowledging all the effort we’d put in. That was generous of him and it touched me. As of today, we share a great rapport. We have a mutual admiration society going. We talk about life, work, family, kids… It’s always warm and nice meeting him.

Manisha Koirala


SRK is unique. He has an energy, which not many people possess. He’s quick, witty, sharp, intelligent and has a great sense of humour. Just recently, I was talking to Mani (Ratnam) sir about him. Mani sir told me that during a shot in Dil Se, they were discussing whether Shah Rukh should go up the mountain or not as it was risky. The next moment, SRK was already on the mountain top. He’s fearless. His passion for work and success is incredible. Plus, he has a kind heart. He has always been there for everyone. He would take his cup of tea and sit with the light men, chatting happily. He would mingle with all. No other actor would do that.