5 reasons why Prabhas has the edge over other south stars to make it big in Bollywood!


What sets the Baahubali actor apart from the plethora of talented southern stars….find out! 

It’s called the big bad Bollywood. It’s glitzy and glamourous from the outside but it is a very tough nut to crack as making it big in B-town is not so easy.

So many strugglers,  even established stars from regional cinema have tried their hands on Hindi films, but only very few have managed to find a foothold in Bollywood. Even Southern superstars like Rajinikanth and Chiranjeevi perished after delivering one or two odd hits. In simple words, transition from regional cinema to Bollywood is not a walk in the park.

While I believe many south Indian actors have the potential to shine in Bollywood, no one has more chance of succeeding other than Telugu actor Prabhas. As the Baahubali actor turns 36 today, we take a look at the factors which sets him apart from the rest and make him most prone to succeed in big bad Bollywood:

Baahubali factor

Signing the dotted line on SS Rajamouli’s magnum opus project is one of the best things that Prabhas could have ever done in his life. Baahubali has not only made huge money at box office but has also established Prabhas’ fan base all over the country. Before Baahubali, people barely knew who he was. Prabhas just had fan following in Andhra and Telangana. It is Baahubali that has made him national star. And with Baahubali 2 in pipeline, his popularity is only growing to go manifolds all over the nation. After making such a terrific impact on audience’s psyche with just a dubbing film, imagine the amount of buzz that would be attached to his Bollywood debut. No Southern superstar has that advantage of national level popularity which Prabhas has thanks to Baahubali.

Karan Johar’s friendship 

It is very important to have right contacts to make it big in Bollywood. Admit it, Rajamouli’s Baahubali wouldn’t have been such a phenomenal hit if not for Karan Johar’s aggressive promotions. KJo was the one who introduced Baahubali and Prabhas to India. And now that Prabhas shares a rapport with KJo, it would be little easier for him to navigate through Bollywood. Even if Karan doesn’t offer him a film, Prabhas has the best chance to grow in Bollywood with KJo’s guiding hand over him. Many actors from south would kill to build such connections with who’s who of B-town.

Unwavering Dedication 

By this I don’t mean to say that other south stars aren’t dedicated enough. It is just that the kind of dedication which Prabhas has to his work is very difficult to match. Before he gave his dates for SS Rajamouli’s Baahubali, Prabhas had just given a super hit film called Mirchi. Being a commercial hero, Prabhas could have done few more massy films. But instead of following his success with few more similar films, Prabhas choose to go on an exile from big screen for nearly three years shooting for Baahubali. This goes to show the amount of dedication he has and it also highlights his hunger for doing quality films. For three years, Prabhas’ waited for Baahubali to finally hit the screen with utmost patience and dedication. That is exactly the sort of commitment needed to make it big in Bollywood. Unlike other south stars, who try to juggle both industries, trying to please everyone, Prabhas’ unwavering dedication for one film at a time and his will to get everything right makes him stand apart from rest. If Prabhas does a Bollywood film, I am sure he would give his all without thinking about the effect on his popularity down south.

He is sexy and he knows it

Being fit and being in shape is very important in Bollywood. With every newcomer flaunting his chiseled 6 pack abs, the competition is really cut throat. In the past, we have seen handful of stars from south who have failed to impress us with their physique. And even if some star has a fit body, they seem too shy to flaunt their abs. That is certainly not the case with Prabhas, who not only has an enviably muscular body but he also has no qualms in unbuttoning his shirt and flaunting his abs. We have clearly witnessed his strong physique in Baahubali.

Wanting to make a mark in Bollywood

In almost all interviews leading to Baahubali’s release, Prabhas had shown keen interest in doing a Bollywood film. Despite his weak Hindi, Prabhas has the intent to make it big in B-town. And that I think is really important to succeed here. A lot of stars from South are great actors and might even speak better Hindi than Prabhas, but their lack of intent to boldly try a Bollywood film has often pulled them down. You could succeed only if you wish and believe you could succeed.Prabhas has both the wish and belief to make it big in Bollywood, and that my friend is the biggest factor that sets him apart from other heroes down south.

Source: bollywoodlife.com