10 lakh for 10 kilos, THAT’s how much Parineeti Chopra spent for her fab new body!


Though the actress has been working out religiously to shed weight, it wasn’t enough. Here are details about the detox programme she has undergone and the moolah she has spent to be skinny. Read on!

Actors and actresses have the constant pressure of looking fabulous at all times. Whether stepping out to go to the gym or salon or a movie. It’s not just about being well turned out. It’s also about having the perfect body. Parineeti Chopra has been working really hard at getting there and had achieved dramatic results. But it wasn’t good enough.

The actress’s diet and workout regime were not enough. She needed something more dramatic. And she got that. The actress recently posted pictures on social networking sites and she is almost unrecognisable in her new avatar. She is as skinny as her contemporaries Alia Bhatt and Shraddha Kapoor. Her drastic transformation became the talk of the town. There are hushed whispers about Pari having gone under the knife. But that’s not true.

The secret behind her skinny appearance is a detox program in Austria. With no surgery involved, the program helps people achieve their body goals. According to an industry insider, “Under this program, the patient has to undergo several tests in order to determine what his or her body can tolerate. Depending on that, a diet chart for six months is drawn, which the clients have to strictly adhere to. And it costs between `5-10 lakh for a 15 to 30 day- course, depending on the program. The source adds, “Pari’s expectation before taking up this new regime was that she wanted to fit into hot clothes. And she has got her wish.”

Not just Pari, even Arjun Kapoor and Yash Raj Films head honcho Aditya Chopra and his wife Rani Mukherji have gotten fitter thanks to this detox programme. While Rani and Aditya just wanted to be fit, with Arjun, it was about maintaining his weight, which keeps fluctuating. So whenever he wants that extra help, he flies to Austria. Pari and Arjun are dedicated to maintaining their figures and have showed tremendous commitment towards their diet, how else do you explain such remarkable results?

Source: http://tinyurl.com/pnny3sa